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Research Projects

The following is a listing of the research projects I have been (or am) involved in. Collaborators are listed in author order where applicable.
Information Cloth    SEE MORE K. Mikulecky, M. Hancock, & S. Carpendale
We expand multitouch tabletop information exploration by placing 2D information of a physically-based cloth in a shallow 3D viewing enviroment. Instead of offering 2D information on a rigid window or screen, we place our information on a soft flexible cloth that can be draped, pulled, stretched, and folded with multiple fingers and hands, supporting any number of information views.

Published at Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS), Nov. 2011 pdf.
Undistort Lens   SEE MORE M. A. Nacenta & S. Carpendale
This work introduces the undistort lens, a complement to existing distortion-based techniques that provides a local and separate presentation of imagery/geometry without affecting any distortion-based lenses currently used in the presentation.

This was published at EuroVis, 2011 pdf.
PhysicsBox R. Langner, R. Dachselt, & S. Carpendale
PhysicsBox is a colleciton of three multi-touch, physics-based educational games designed to provide teachers with tools to enrich lessons and support experimentation. This work also included a Java library that promotes hardware independent multi-touch event handling.

Poster at the International Conference and Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS) 2010 pdf.
Flexible Projection  SEE MORE F. F. Samavati, S. Carpendale, & M. Costa Sousa
We have created a new projection framework that is capable of creating a wide variety of linear, nonlinear projections as well as projections with nonlinear projectors.

The initial description of this project was presented at NPAR, 2007 pdf.
This work further described in my PhD thesis (April, 2011) pdf.
Shape Defined Panoramas  SEE MORE F. F. Samavati
This work explored the use of Flexible Projection to create customizable panoramas. The resulting system makes use of a sketch interface and uses arc-length to parameterize surfaces to create a stronger link between a surface's shape and its parameterization.

Published at Shape Modeling International 2010 pdf.
Art & Nonlinear Projection
F. F. Samavati, S. Carpendale, M. Costa Sousa, H. Wang, & A. Dunning
This project explored the use of Flexible Projection in an art installation. The write-up also explored some examples of nonlinear projection in drawings and paintings.

Published at Bridges 2009 pdf.
Terrain by Example  SEE MORE F. F. Samavati & M. Costa Sousa
I've expored an easier and more visual method of synthesizing terrains. The concept is to use an example terrain to provide the information needed to increase the resolution of the terrain being synthesized.

My MSc Thesis (Aug 2005) described this work pdf.
Subsquently this was published at the International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP) 2005 and also exists as a "best of" research book chapter pdf.
Silhouette Stability  SEE MORE F. F. Samavati & M. Costa Sousa
I've been working on a new technique for capturing silhouette information from polygonal meshes. This technique improves silhouette quality, can be applied to several NPR rendering styles, and achieves frame coherence for animation.

This work was published at the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2004 pdf.

The following are a number of course projects from both graduate and undergraduate courses.
NPR RadiosityM. Costa Sousa, & D. Lindsay
I'm experimenting with converting results from radiosity calculations to an "architectural-figure-like" NPR rendering

February - April 2004
Reaction Diffusion Textures  SEE MORE
Through Winter 2004 I participated in a course on Biological Modeling & Visualization. My project for this course was to do "something" involving reaction diffusion patterns.

March - April 2004
Warping Implicits  SEE MORE A. Poon
As a project for CPSC 553 we created a ray tracer capable of warping implicits as well as texture and bump mapping.

February - April 2003 (Undergrad)
Animation Project  SEE MORE A. Vuong, A. Poon, C. Alain,& D. Woo
CPSC 599.44 involved a group of 4 computer science students and a music student to create two flash animations.

February - April 2003 (Undergrad)