Shape Defined Panoramas

Panoramic projections are often defined by the geometric surfaces used to derive the projections' equations (e.g., spherical and cylindrical panoramas).

A spherical panorama.

A cubic panorama.

A cylindrical panorama.

The parameterization of these surfaces greatly affects the resulting projection equations and image properties. Problematically, unusual parameterization can reproduce panoramas associated with other shapes. In this paper, we ensure an explicit link between surface shape and projection behavior by suggesting use of projection surfaces parameterized by arc-length, binding rendering behavior to surface modeling. This allows us to create new panorama variations beyond the conventional for creating panoramas of CG environments.

A cylindrical panorama.

A custom panorama that preserves straight lines at the center of the image.

We describe an sketch-based interface for composing these panoramas and show how this technique lends itself to controlling distortion and composition of panoramic projections. These custom-defined projections can also be used to re-project existing panoramic imagery.

A photographed panorama.

The same photographed panorama re-projected to a different panoramic projection.

For more information please refer to the published paper:
  • John Brosz and Faramarz Samavati
    Shape Defined Panoramas
    In Shape Modeling International (SMI) 2010.
    Paper: [PDF 11 MB]
    Presentation: [PDF 3 MB]
    Videos: [Video MOV 8 MB]
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