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Labs: B01 (MW 1100), B02 (MW 1200) in the undergraduate graphics lab.

Contact: brosz at
Office: None, email me and I'll meet you in the ug graphics lab.

What's up . . .
  • April 18 - The final exam review will be this Thursday at 7pm in ST 57, see you then. Also I was asked if there were any further course notes that would be released. There is a little bit on implicits that can be found at the end of this file from last year. A warning though, Dr Samavati has changed his method of teaching implicits again this year so if you find anything you haven't seen in lecture, ignore it.
  • April 13 - Work on your projects! I'll see you at your demos on Friday.
  • April 11 - In lab I'll be discussing some of my work on terrain synthesis. This is an application of multiresolution using subdivision. I'll also be handing back assignment 3.
  • April 6 - In lab on Wednesday I'll discuss implicit objects. I'll go over some general properties (stuff that has been discussed in lecture) as well as a quick and dirty method of raytracing implicits. This will also be your last chance to ask questions about assignment 3 before it's due at midnight.
  • March 21 - I'll be doing a general overview of 3D subdivision techniques and their properties in lab today.
  • March 16 - Today's lab is for working on assignment 3 and your project. Beware, in next Monday's lab (March 21) I'll be going over material you haven't seen on general surface subdivision.
  • March 14 - In lab today I'll give back assignment 2 and go over the answers.
  • March 7 - In lab on Monday I'll be going over the answers to the midterm.
  • March 2 - For assignment 2, question 1 I just require answers, not explanations as these are definition questions. For questions to your algorithm should run in close to O(1) time, if you are creating an O(log n) algorithm you heading in the wrong direction. If you're puzzled at how to get O(1) send me an email.
  • February 26 - Your midterm is Tuesday, March 1 so on Monday, February 28 I'll be doing a midterm review in lab. I'll spend 40 minutes going over course material and have 10 minutes for questions. Some of the best studying you can do is completing your second assignment! Please come & pick up your Assignment 1 if you haven't already done so!
  • January 31 & February 2 - I covered B-spline basis functions, B-spline curves, and B-spline curve properties in a different ordering from lecture. Next week I'll do some coverage of multiple knot scenarios.
  • January 26 - Assignment 1 is posted here. This assignment is due February 9. The paperwork of this assignment should be handed into the appropriate CPSC assignment boxes (on the 2nd floor of MS), the program (code, executable, etc) should be emailed to me.
  • January 17 - The first lab. Check out a linear algebra review put together by Kelly Poon here. If you'd like a good library for 2, 3, & 4-D vectors, matrices, and points grab this
  • January 10 - I've set up the web page & a tutorial for those who want to use QT with windows. Tutorial has been updated! - Feb 9, '05

Assignment 1
  • Due February 9 (Wednesday).
  • Hand in written component to MS 2nd floor boxes, email program to
  • Email me if you have any questions!

  • Covers everything you've learned in the course up to & including subdivision.
  • In-class on February 1.
  • One of the best ways to study is to do Assignment 2.

Assignment 2
  • Due March 9 (Wednesday) @ midnight.
  • Covers B-Splines.
  • As before hand in written component to MS 2nd floor boxes, email program to

Assignment 3
  • Covers subdivision, multiresolution, and implicit objects.
  • As before hand in written component to MS 2nd floor boxes, email program to

  • Other useful pages