Project Page

Here are the final projects of those students who've told me they would like to share their work.

Generally two types of executables are availible: for the red hat linux in the graphics lab and for windows.

If you don't see your project here it's because I haven't received an email from you saying you'd like to share your project. So please send me an email! Also if you'd like to make availible binaries for other operation systems or web page links or whatever send me an email (

One last thing, you'll probably have to click 'save link target as' in order to download the files instead of looking at the binary. If anyone knows how to fix this I'd be interested in finding out how.

Topic People Red HatWindows
L-Systems Lakin & Leonard download 
Doo Sabin Subdivision & Reverse SubdivisionLuke Olsendownload 
NURBS & Coons surfacesCody, Marc, & Rickydownloaddownload
Cloth ModelingIoulian Stoitchkovdownload