453 Ray Tracing Contest 2008

The prizes:
  • John is offering up a large bag of Doritos and a 2L bottle of Coke.
  • Luke is offering up a gift voucher for Half-Life 2 & Episode 1 on Steam.
  • Dr Samavati is offering up a letter written by him stating that you have won this contest.
How to enter:

Email your ray traced images to either John or Luke before the end of Monday, December 8, 2008. Naturally, participation is entirely voluntary. The images will be posted both here and on Luke's page. You may submit more than one image, however keep in mind that spamming us with images may prejudice the judges against you.

How to win:

The images will be judged by John, Luke, and Dr Samavati based on both the demonstrated capabilities of your ray tracer as well as on your scene composition. Generally an exciting image that displays cool modeling will beat out an image displaying spheres and triangles floating in space. Luke will also be setting up a poll that will allow you to choose your favourite image. Check out the images from my 2003 lab here. Dr Brian Wyvill used to run a similar competition, see some of the submisssions he received here and here.

The entries:

By John Brosz, Dec 2008. Comments, suggestions or questions? If so, email me (brosz@cpsc.ucalgary.ca).
Background image by Devin Uhrich.