Welcome to the 453 QT Designer Tutorial

Hi this is a tutorial for setting up a basic OpenGL project with QT designer (Version 3.3.6) in a Linux environment (namely Red Hat 9(?), and then Scientific Linux 5). This tutorial was originally created for CPSC 453 at the University of Calgary in September of 2003 but has seen lots of use since. My last update was January 2008. If you have problems or encounter mistakes please email fredthechicken at yahoo.com. NOTE - The screenshots came from older QT version, if you find the older screenshots disconcerting let me know and I'll redo them . . . eventually.

Part 1 - Creating a basic QT project and adding some widgets.
Check Point 1 - You should now have a running QT project with some sliders that don't do much, except for the scaling slider that causes the LCD number to change. If not, try again!

If you look around the directory you have created you will find the following files: However if you do a "ls -al" you will find three hidden directories have also been created. They are: So basically you never have to touch anything in these hidden directories. This is why they are hidden.

Now continue on to Part 2!