Assignment 3 Helper

As you've noticed assignment 3 is due on Friday, November 21. This is less than two weeks from now. So you need to start assignment 3 soon and finish it quickly.

To make things easier for this assignment you only have to develop a rough user interface. In this rough user interface you only have to make the 'height' of the control points changeable. What is recommended is that you have a moded interface where there is an edit mode and a view mode.

The view mode allows the user to view the model from any desired angle but does not allow the user to select or edit control points.

The edit mode switches the user to a fixed viewing angle (see pictures below) to make it easier for you to code selecting and moving control points. Remember you only have to change the control point's height (y axis coordinate). You do not have to change the control point's grid position (x and z axis coordinates).

Please note that moded user interfaces are not a style of user interface design that is recommended in general but it is simpler to code and will make this assignment easier for you.

If you wish to design a more elaborate user interface and have time to do it we encourage you to do so. In fact this is Bonus 9.

My Recommendations: