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Labs: T09 (MW 10:00) in MS 227, T12 (MW 15:00) in MS 211.
CT Hours: Friday 9:00-13:00

Contact: brosz at
Office: None, email me and I'll meet you in the lab.

What's Up

  • Decmber 7 - Here's a solution coded by Richard Smith to solve assignment 6, and here is the algorithm used in the given code. I'll be posting a sample solution to assignment 7 soon. Please bring any questions you have about the course content or about the final to lab on Wednesday. CT stops when classes stop so don't bother trying to stop in after December 8.
  • November 21 - I've posted a small pascal example of how to use pointers here. My example of a link list given last Wednesday (Nov 17) can now be found here.

    Richard Smith's solution to assignment 5 is here. He includes both an algorithm and the code for the program. Feel free to use this code for assignment 7 but please make certain you understand every line of this code before using it. If you have any questions about how this code works please ask me in lab or send me an email. If you try using this code without understanding it I guarantee your assignment 7 won't get finished.
  • November 17 - Here's an example of how to declare and use a record.
  • November 9 - When testing assignment six please use this file. If you've done everything right, the result should look like this. The code covered in Nov 10s lab is here.
  • October 18 - Make sure you submit a typescript for assignment 4. In this typescript you should:
    1. cat your program "cat a4.p"
    2. compile your program "gpc a4.p"
    3. test your program - be sure to show testing of integers, reals, negative numbers, and all the operators.
  • October 21 - Hey everyone, contrary to what I was talking about in class, assignment four does not have to handle negative numbers.
  • October 6 (1:30pm) - The submit system should now be working. Remember the command to submit assignment 3 is: submit -c 231 -a 3 . Good luck on the third assignment.
  • September 22 - Please make certain you do assignment 1 in order. That is, make certain you first answer the questions in asst1.txt before doing your script session. If you answer your questions after the script session you will have to print out a seperate page with the answers to the questions. Remember late assignments will not be marked so get your assignment 1 handed in before 4pm on Friday
  • September 21 - The CT hours in MS 218 are: M 12-2, T 11-4, W 11-4, R 10-7, F 9-4. The hours are also posted on the door to MS 218.
  • September 20 - The sample file is here.
  • September 15 - Check out this site for some help with UNIX.
  • September 13 - I've set up a web page! Welcome to CPSC 231, see you on Wednesday.

  • Email me if you have any questions!

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