Storyboard 2 - Snowmen Fight

Keyframe 1 - 8s

Two kids in their backyard are putting the finishing touches on their two snowmen. Snowman 1 is facing the camera, snowman 2 is facing towards snowman 1. There is a call from the house and the two kids go inside. Through this there is some opening music of some sort that finshes when the kids enter the house.

Keyframe 2 - 5s

Zoom in to look at snowman 1. Suddenly a snowball enteres the frame, hits the snowman and knocks off his hat. The snowman blinks on turns to look towards the source of the snowball.

Keyframe 3 - 3s

Frame pans right to snowman 2. Snowman 2 is pointing and laughing at snowman 1.

Keyframe 4 - 5s

Camera moves back to snowman 1. Snowman 1 makes a snowball.

Keyframe 5 - 3s

Zoomed out so both snowmen can be seen. Snowman 1 throws the snowball at snowman 2. The snowball misses.

Keyframe 6 - 3s

Frame zooms into snowman 2. Snowman 2 is pointing and laughing at snowman 1. (same as in keyframe 3)

Keyframe 7 - 5s

View centers on snowman 1 again. Snowman 1 assembles a pile of snowballs.

Keyframe 8 - 3s

Snowman hurridly throws the snowballs. To create an impression of speed we'll use onion skinning.

Keyframe 9 - 5s

Camera moves to snowman 2. Using blurred and onion skinning the snowman will dodge the snowballs thrown at it (similar to matrix bullet dodging).

Keyframe 10 - 3s

Snowman 2 points and laughs at snowman 1.

Keyframe 11 - 3s

Snowball enters the frame and hits Snowman 2 in the face. Snowman 2s face gets distorted.

Keyframe 12 - 3s

Camera moves to snowman 1. Snowman 1 laughs and points at snowman 2.

Keyframe 13 - 6s

View changes so we can see both snowmen. Snowman 2 is building something out of snow, question marks appear over snowman 1s head.

Keyframe 14 - 7s

The item snowman 2 has created solidifies into a "snow cannon". Exclamation mark appears over snowman 1s head. Snowman 2 triggers cannon boom sound effect is played.

Keyframe 15 - 3s

View changes so we can see the cannon snowball coming towards snowman 1. Snowman 1 attempts to dodge and snowball appears to go by.

Keyframe 16 - 5s

View rotates so we can see snowman 1s front. Snowman 1 looks down. Cannon snowball did not missed - there is a hole through snowman 1s body.

Keyframe 17 - 3s

View goes back to the side view. Snowman 1 starts running at snowman 2. This running starts with bottom snowball rotating and a cloud of snow behind.

Keyframe 18 - 8s

Snowman are fighting in a cloud of snow. Features are shown and then disappear back into the cloud. Fighting sound effects. Maybe some batman style action noises.

Keyframe 19 - 5s

Fight ends with both snowman in rough shape (snowballs distorted, etc) and with snowman 1 lifting snowman 2s head off of his body. The sound effect finish him is played.

Keyframe 20 - 6s

Camera zooms out to view of entire yard. Noises start coming from the house of the kids preparing to come out and play. The snowmen freeze all actions.

Keyframe 21 - 7s

The camera zooms in on the snowmen reassembling one another.

Keyframe 22 - 7s

Snowman one hops back to his original position. Squash and stretched used for the hopping. The camera follows snowman 1.

Keyframe 23 - 7s

Camera angle changed to view entire yard. Kids exit house and start playing in yard. Music starts up again.